The Better Wood

We strive to create better future by introducing a sustainable alternative to tropical wood. Our Re-Holz is environmentally friendly, economically efficient and has the look and feel of natural wood. Products made of Re-Holz can stand the test of time and has the feature of endless color combination and design function. We accommodate every building and architectural needs, improving a quality of life through excellent wood alternative.

Installation service for all product range of Re-Holz comes as a package. Reach us through website, email, whats app, phone number, or visit our showroom for more information.

Substantial Alternative

Re-Holz made of Resysta becomes a substantial alternative in these times of extreme climate change. Deforestation is one of the causes that affects climate stability. Decreasing tropical rainforest leads to diminishing carbon sinks, thus more and more carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere, rising the global temperature. Moreover, droughts, tropical storms and heatwaves will also increase as results of forest losses. Mainly made of rice husk, Re-Holz contributes to environment by lessening the use of tropical wood. That does not only benefit the tropical rainforest, it also pleases the inhabitants as their habitat is not endangered. Re-Holz made of Resysta aims to fulfill the need for green and sustainable building material, which is environmentally friendly and still aesthetically pleasing.

Resysta - The Future Material

The Future Formula is here – Years spent to find the perfect combination to turn rice husk into something more valuable. Re-Holz made of Resysta does look like natural wood, but does not adapt any disadvantage of its natural predecessor. Outstanding material with limitless capability is now available for you to explore. Be the part of the future generation by getting to know more about Re-Holz made of Resysta, the future material.

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