Re-holz brings an unfounded flexibility of wood in material called Resysta. It can be bended and arched, creating variation in design from wood-like material. Lines and curves works together to create visual appearances that transcend the limitation of wood. It looks like wood, but it is better than wood.

Re-Holz offers wide range of colors, making wood-like material more dynamic and attractive. Color design creation of the surfaces is easy and quick. The water-based colors are odorless, quick drying and can be refinished any time. The direct pigment application onto the surface ensures extremely long-lasting UV- resistance.

Time spent to seek for the perfect replacement for wood. Resysta is invented by combining natural fiber with polymer through a complex procedure (PTRH-technology), which allows rice husk to entirely blend with polymer. After went through 2000 hours of Xenon test – a test to know the durability of a product against weather, thermal condition, etc. – Resysta can last up to 15 years with slight color transfer.

Resysta is created to replace tropical wood. The exceptionally excellent material is made from environmentally friendly material that stands against sun, water, termite, and weather exposure. It can be used indoor and outdoor with extensive profile available to suit different purposes. Resysta is the future of wood. One material, unlimited possibilities.


Re-Holz aims to introduced a weather- and water-resistant material with the look and feel of precious wood. Material obtained from renewable raw material, resistant to water, sun, wind and cold and that does not splinter – even after many years. A material which is saving resources and always features consistent high quality. Resysta is extremely resistant and has an exceptional eco-balance. Made from rice husks, (an agricultural raw material, which has so far not been used worldwide) it sets new standards in terms of sustainability. The haptic impression is very pleasant and the possibilities almost infinite. Resysta is available in many different formulations. Resysta is IMO (International Marine Organisation)-certified in the required fire protection and Resysta veneer has recently won the Red Dot Award.

During the last 50 years (1960-2010), global demand for wood consumption has increased from 1.5 billion m3 to 4.5 billion m3 that leads to the increase of deforestation. Deforestation, like any other global problem, has also become an issue in Indonesia. In 2012, Indonesia had the highest rate of deforestation in the world, losing approximately 840,000 hectares of forest.

Resysta is invented to replace tropical wood for industrial use, such as mouldings and joinery, and furniture manufacturing purpose. The fiber reinforced hybrid material is produced of approx. 60% rice husk, approx. 22% common salt and approx. 18% mineral oil, making it recyclable and environmentally friendly. Resysta is the best alternative available for tropical wood. Compared to WPC (Wood Plastic Composites) that still has the plastic-feel to it, Resysta does not only look like wood, it also feels like wood.