Re-Holz made of Resysta offers an exceptional solution to preserving natural resource and habitats. In the midst of growing concern for climate stability and deforestation, the supply for natural timber declines. Source for legal timber become scarce, while demand for it increases. The urgency created from environment uncertainty and continuous timber use, called for an alternative that can, not only replace timber, but also suitable for the environment condition.

Meanwhile, human population and its agricultural consumption continue to increase, leading to rising agricultural by-product, and one of it is rice husk. After years spent to search for the perfect formula, rice husk can finally be turned into something more valuable. It is 100% sustainable with all of the goodness for the environment. It is extremely durable as a building material, with resistance towards weather, termite and water.


Recycling is possible with Re-holz made of Resysta, because almost all waste from the material can be reintroduced to a new production process. It minimizes waste through efficient production process, and the material can be used for an incredibly long time. Upcycling by Re-holz made of Resysta gives an added value to agriculture by-product, rice husk, which mostly does not have further use. The raw material used for production are in use for an incredibly long time, giving unparalleled sustainability.