What is Re-Holz?

Re-Holz is a material made from Resysta. Resysta is the newest innovation in building material. It is invented to replace tropical wood, with the look and feel of wood. Resysta is made from rice husk, common salt, and mineral oil. Resysta requires minimum care and resistant towards the exposure of sun, weather, termite, and water. 

Does Re-Holz suitable for outdoor use?

Re-Holz is suitable for outdoor, as well as indoor use. The material is already tested to be resistant against water, sun, termite infestation and weather change. It can be used for different purpose, such as decking, facade, wall cladding, etc.

Can I color my Re-Holz?

Re-Holz point of difference lays on its ability to be colored in any color that you want. While still maintaining the look and feel of wood, it is easy to apply the color into Re-Holz surface.

Does Re-Holz have to be treated?

Re-Holz made of Resysta requires no surface treatment in the sense of "wood preservation". For optical reasons, it can be treated with an oil or a glaze in order to change the hue of the material as desired. Treatment with a 2C protective paint also offers protection against staining. However, 2C protective paint can only be used in combination with the glaze.

How do I clean Re-Holz?

For soil stains, use water, brush and surface cleaner. For water stains, use small amount of hot water to remove it.