Not even a single tree needs to be cut to make Re-Holz made of Resysta. Mainly consist of approximately 60% rice husk, Re-Holz made of Resysta has been processed with an advance German technology, which enables polymer to combine entirely with rice husk. The result is a natural compound ahead of its time. It is the best possible alternative to tropical wood, which exceeds its natural model in durability and sustainability by far.

100% No wood

100% No WPC

Water-, Weather-, Termite-, UV-Resistant 

No Splintering

No Swelling

Barefoot Friendly


Re-holz made of Resysta blends with natural aesthetic through its natural feel and look of wood. Form, colour and surface creation combines with durability and sustainability offers pleasing visual and gives economic efficiency. All goodness from rice husk and beauty of natural timber combines perfectly creating an outstanding building material. Without disregarding its main function as natural wood alternative, Re-Holz made of Resysta can do so much more, as long as imagination allows.