Approx. 60% rice husks + approx. 22% common salt + approx. 18% mineral oil = Resysta

Resysta - A Brief Introduction

Re-Holz brings Resysta to Indonesia. Resysta is the green material, 100% no wood, waterproof, no WPC and environmentally friendly. Resysta is made from the combination of approximately 60% rice husk, approximately 22% common salt and approximately 18% mineral oil. It combines the advantages of wood and WPC, without exhibiting any of the disadvantages of both materials. Resysta is environmentally sustainable material, can be used on indoor and outdoor environment. Some advantages of Resysta are UV-resistant, water-resistant, weather-proof, fungus-resistant, does not splinter, easy to maintain, slip-resistant, available in different color selections, can be curved or bended, and most importantly, it looks and feels like wood. Resysta has an international patent application and it's patent has been approved for United States, Singapore, Japan, EU, and several countries to follow. Resysta is the latest invention in building material, which aims to replace tropical wood and create a better and sustainable living environment.